Ethos of Currency Heist

Creating the finest uniform of opulence and luxury.

Our focus is creating products of the highest level of craftsmanship, materials, and integrity. Currency Heist guarantees the authenticity of all products purchased through the Currency Heist website.

Currency Heist recognises individuality. We see you. We embrace it. We make fashion accessible and fresh.

We focus on essentials that will enhance the hustlers’ daily protocol. The overall format is creating high quality products used on a daily basis by our consumers and for hustlers from
all walks of life.

Using technology to inspire and innovate, we aim to
make shopping seamless, whether online or in store


Currency Heist aims to provide high quality products that entwine the African aesthetic with couture elements. Our creative process is concept orientated, directed towards communicating our brand message and lifestyle.


Currency Heist operates on a five year plan to become one of the top 3 luxury brands in South Africa in terms of sales and influence. We aim to be recognized as one of the most pioneering luxury brands the country has ever seen. We again seek to grow our line to include footwear, cologne and accessories such as jewelry, wallets, money clips and sunglasses.


The current Currency Heist product range includes t-shirts, sweaters, sweatpants, sweatshorts and jackets, with accessories such as socks and headwear.

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