Blaklez x Reason – DMX Music Video

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

We can definitely do the most when we join forces as creatives in the industry. This became evident when Blaklez reached to Eastrand’s rhyme writer Reason. When two wordsmiths collide we all expect them to make a song where they out rap each other but Blaklez and Reason are taking us to church with DMX Prayer.

“I’m just checking my moves, I switch em like a ball player”

We are afforded an aspirational masterpiece with DMX Prayer, the songs is about two men switching their game strategy when it comes to what is important in their lives. With just the hook you get the message “I’m just checking my moves, I switch em like a ball player, we ain’t had no money, never used to ball player, living through hope and luck, my homie it was all prayer”.

We advise that you listen to this well-crafted piece and get some game from Blaklez and Reason. Lastly the message is clear; get up and get yours! No time for self-pity, that’s not what winners do. Also remember to have fun and look fresh with our latest Currency Heist Essential pieces featured on DMX Prayer. Our latest Currency Heist Essentials include headwear, tees, golfers, shorts, sweaters, hoodies, shorts and sweatpants #DefineYourOwnPower

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